Broward Sheriff Scott Israel having rocky rookie year

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is a political rookie, and it’s showing. As much as he tries to blame enemies and predecessor Al Lamberti for his problems, it’s time for Israel and his team to face up to the off-kilter signals emanating from the Sheriff’s Office. Some leaders have the wow factor. So far, Israel keeps […]

History and hurricane relief earn annual Bay Village honors

Bay Village’s 2018 Citizen of the Year, Cathy Flament. When Eric and Cynthia Eakin accepted their award for Citizens of the Year in 2015, Eric mused: “There are residents, and then there are citizens.” It’s worth repeating years later because it rings true. Green card status aside, residents are the inhabitants of a place that […]

Here are Tampa Bay’s priciest home sales in 2017

The historic Century Oaks estate overlooking Clearwater Harbor sold for $11.18 million, the most ever paid for a home in the Tampa Bay area. [Courtesy: Coastal Properties Group] If there’s one word to describe the buyers of Tampa Bay’s 25 priciest homes in 2017 it’s this: eclectic. As in previous years, the group included doctors, […]

Hunting For North Bay Village Apartments

If you’re apartment hunting in North Bay Village, FL, there are many things you’ll have to think about. You’ll have to find an apartment that you can afford to live in. You’ll need to make sure your new building is safe and well-maintained. These tips will make your apartment hunt go more smoothly. Narrow Your […]

You Need To Visit Miami Beach

The lure of the ocean is something that attracts many people to the Miami Beach area every year. That is especially true during the winter months, when the air is just right and the sun is shining bright in the sky overhead. People who live in the northern areas often flock to the area of […]

Some Ways to Rent a Nice Apartment

Huntsville is one of the most developed and occupied cities of Oklahoma. And the majority of people, not only Americans, go here for working, for study or as tourists. But each time they face one problem namely how quickly to find suitable habitation which will satisfy all requirements while they are staying in the city.

How to Rent Apartment in Oklahoma

Finally you have decided to travel through America and visit a lot of its beautiful cities. Remind that first of all you have to visit Huntsville. It is a remarkable city situated in the northern part of Alabama. But if you want to remain here for the long period you necessarily should reflect on apartment search in advance.